Editing Services

There are many different terms used for the levels or types of editing.

A huge tip to save yourself time, money, and frustration is to learn about the types of editing, objectively (as much as possible) evaluate what you need or want for your book, and consult an editor if you’re not sure what her services include before handing over any money.

In a nutshell, this is how I describe four basic types of editing, from heaviest to lightest:


Examines the big picture and structure of a book. The editor may assess a book idea, outline, or early draft. This is heavy editing and, if needed, should occur first.


Is stylistic editing, which goes through each line to make sure the language chosen to communicate your story is clear, sounds good, and flows seamlessly.


Addresses grammar, word usage, spelling, and punctuation, while checking for internal consistency of facts, spelling, hyphenation, and numerals.


Is the final check for any typos, repeated words, missed words, and consistency.

If you are looking for copyediting or proofreading, you are in the right place. I offer both.

If you are looking for line editing or developmental editing, I’m not the editor for you at this stage of your book writing journey. I do not offer these, but may be able to help you find an editor that does.


So, how much will this cost?

I can give a quote for editing your book once I’ve seen it and heard more about your goals for the editing because every author’s goals, writing style, and skills vary.

I know it’s nice to have a ballpark price idea before reaching out to a new editor, so I’ll give you what I can.

Your project investment for my meticulous copyediting or proofreading will likely be in this range:

Copyediting $600-$1,800             Proofreading $400-$1,000


But we’ll have a better idea after we discuss your unique book. You can get in touch with me today.


How do I determine the rate per project?

I find out more about exactly what you’re looking for. I review your writing skills and style in your book. Then I estimate how much time it will take to deliver what I promise–and usually even more.

What will you get when you work with me?

You will get an editor who pays rigorous attention to detail. You will get a thorough review of your manuscript, to ensure things like: every email is spelled without a hyphen, that quotation marks and italics are used consistently, that six-figure always has a hyphen, and that words like internet are always capitalized (or not). I will ensure your book follows a consistent rule for using numbers as numerals or words, that chapter titles and headings follow consistent a capitalization style, and the titles of books, newspapers, blogs, are podcasts are italicized. Your book will be clearer, grammatically correct, and consistent throughout. It will be shiny and one giant step closer to publishing.

Wait! There’s more…

I not only provide authors with their meticulously copyedited or proofread book, but I also insert comments with suggestions for ways to make your text clearer, smoother, or less redundant (like line editing).

Furthermore, I deliver a summary report and detailed style sheet with your copyedited book.

The report will summarize your strengths as a writer and highlights of your book, as well as areas you focus on to improve your writing.

The style sheet tells you number, grammar, and punctuation rules I followed, as well as decisions made for spelling and hyphenation of words (e.g., email, eBook, in-between, internet, long-term, smartphone). This is a useful communication tool for you, the author, and any other editors you may send your book to after me. (Sometimes authors have a book copyedited multiple times, then proofread to make the book as close to perfect as possible.)

Think we’d make a good team?

If you’re interested in my copyediting or proofreading services, please contact me.